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Jalan Kita Mobile Application

Jalan Kita is a mobile application and web-based application from Institute of Road Engineering, Indonesian Ministry of Public Works.

The application developed in order to facilitate the participation of road users in providing information related to road and bridge conditions in Indonesia by utilizing mobile-based application technology



At the moment, there is no such tools for people to give information about the condition of road traffic originating from the community cannot be conveyed directly to IRE, so they tend to choose print and electronic media such as newspapers, radio, television, as well as social media and the internet to provide information related to roads and bridges.



From the facts above, it is very important to build a software system that can be accessed by the public at no cost by utilizing technology based on smart phones.

This software functions as a media to invite community participation in real time and in detail, so that all information about roads and bridges can be delivered by the public directly to Institute of Road Engineering.

The Result of Our Work

Jalan Kita can be download in Google Playstore (for Android) and Apple Store (for IPhone) . The main features of Jalan Kita version 2.0 as mention bellow:

  • Integrated with Googlemap services, we can access map information in realtime. Displays traffic conditions (traffic) and displays the points of information received by the Jalan Kita application server in the last 24 hours.
  • The information you send will automatically be forwarded to the responsible Road Management Agency, you have an Inbox page to monitor the process of updating the response to that information.
  • Information received by the system will be distributed to relevant agencies based on administrative territory and the area of the authority of road management. This distribution process is carried out automatically so that it is faster and more accurate
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI